Cover reveal for Summer by the Lake

August 27, 2017

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So, my ninth novel finally has a cover and I absolutely love it. I've been writing this book for more than a year. I think I started writing it before Scars of Hope (Calla's book, fifth in the Scars series) and I always came back to write a chapter here and there.

Now it's done and first few reviews on it have been fantastic. It's going through the editing process right (Which is really just me and two others rereading it constantly!) and then it will be up on Amazon by September 5th!


In the meantime, take a look at this snazzy cover and the plot summary below!




Summer by the Lake, coming September 5, 2017 on Amazon!


Plot summary:


It's funny, really. I cried the first time my parents made me go to Camp Holcomb. I mean, come on- I was only eight and really far from home. Spending eight weeks at some strange place was scary.


As it turned out, I didn't hate it. Every summer after that, I returned to Holcomb Lake and the camp I loved so much. I made friends, I had experiences, and the time passed all too quickly.



Soon, I was sixteen-years-old and I left the memories, both good and bad, behind with some ghosts of my past. My tenure at Camp Holcomb was done.


Until it wasn't.


I'm back now, five years later, as a counselor. It's ironic because I'm still making friends, still having experiences, and the time still feels like it's passing too quickly.


There's one counselor, though...


Drew Moore is a cocky, obnoxious bastard that somehow managed to get under my skin the second I arrived in Maine. I started the summer off plotting ways to drown him in the lake but somewhere along the way, he grew on me. Instead of pushing him off the dock, I want to press my lips to his. Wrapping my arms around him replaces the desire to punch him in the face.


It's just a summer fling, though, right?


The thing is, my ghosts are still there and Drew has his own past to battle with. Where does it leave us at the end of the summer when we have to leave the lake behind?

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