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Scars of the Past

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Book One


A night out with the girls turns into a bad dream for college student, Madelyn Thomas. Feeling weak, violated, and ruined, Maddie must learn how to live life as a victim. 

Out of the nightmare, an old friend that disappeared more than a year ago reappears. With his help and the help of her friends and family, she will learn that being the victim doesn’t mean your life is over.


She will work on overcoming hurdles to reclaim her life, fall in love, and accept the person she has become. Along the way, she’ll learn something about herself, too. She isn’t the weak, ruined woman she thought she was but someone much stronger than she ever imagined. Not all of the scars left behind are visible but each one represents one thing…


That she survived. Now, she just has to come to terms with every single one.

Scars of the Future


Amanda Franklin liked to have a plan. Whether it was a plan for the day or a plan for life, she had it. Well, until life laughed in her face. She tosses all of those plans out the window in order to take care of what family she has left.

When a gentle, muscled man worms his way into her heart, she pushes him out as fast as she can. The baggage she carries both emotionally and physically is too much to ask anyone else to take on.

Ignoring the pains in her own heart, she watches from the sidelines as her best friend’s brother moves on with his own life and she attempts to do the same.

Of course, life has its own plans for her.

When she discovers something completely life-changing, she realizes that she’s made a huge mistake. What if it’s too late for her to fix it and get her own chance at a happily ever after?


Amanda has to come to terms with everything that’s changed and let her future evolve on its own or else she risks losing everything she never thought she’d have.

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Book Three

Scars of Hope

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Book  Five


Calla Spade proved to the world that she was independent long ago. She refuses to dwell on the past and tries her best to keep everyone at arm’s length. Less love in your life means you’re less likely to get hurt. Somehow, she can’t keep Reed away, though, and she wonders if there are some things in life that are worth taking the risk for.


Reed Hamden has had his own share of tragedy and he blames himself every day. When a drunk and gorgeous woman asks him to stay for just a little while, he finds himself in a place that he never thought he could be again. How could he be willing to take such a gift when he doesn’t deserve it?


Two people full of guilt, regrets, and an unwillingness to open up somehow find each other. If they want a future, they will have to come to terms with what’s happened before and try and accept that they deserve more. But as they both take those steps forward, the past comes back and threatens to destroy everything they’ve built.


Getting through it means learning to trust, learning to let go, and most of all… learning to hope

Book Two

Scars of the Present


Sydney Lewis spent most of her life being controlled by her parents while never being quite good enough. Now, she lives as uncontrolled as possible and keeps most people at arm’s length. The plan works out perfectly until someone enters her life that makes her want more. The connection between the two of them is hard to ignore but how can she have more when she’s not worthy of it?

To make things more complicated, she also has to pick a path that will determine her future. Does she live the dependable life her parents have planned for her or spread her wings and hope she can fly?

When it all becomes too much, Sydney will make a decision that changes everything and she can’t take it back. The consequences of her actions cause her to re-evaluate everything. She can’t live in the present when she’s letting both the past and future rule her.

Sydney has to take control of her own life and hope that the mistakes she makes along the way won’t ruin her.

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Scars of Denial


Delaney Brennan is independent and determined to stay that way. Whether it’s jumping into a bar fight or starting her own business, she wants to be someone she can be proud of. Her headstrong and stubborn ways make her the type of woman that you either love or hate. Or both.

Sean Pierce is too nice. Life has been cruel to him in several ways but he continually tries to be the person everyone needs him to be. He’s dealing with an ex-girlfriend with a life-destroying problem, so meeting a new woman is the last thing on his mind. When an outgoing Irish/Italian girl comes to his rescue, she makes him want to forget his problems and embrace life.


Delaney and Sean desire similar, yet very different, things. One thing they both definitely want is each other, but they have to be willing to overcome obstacles that stand in the way.


When push comes to shove, they have decide where their priorities lie and stop denying the truths that are in front of them.

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Book Four

Scars on the Surface


Kyle Brennan has lived a good life. He has an easy job and his pick of women to go home with every night. When a fire burns through his family’s pub, it destroys more than just the building and leaves Kyle with a physical reminder of what happened. He throws himself into restoring the family business and retreats from everything else. It isn’t until a broken woman shows up on his doorstep looking for his sister that he feels human again.

Amelia Lehman’s life hasn’t been quite so charmed and she barely escapes with her heart still beating. When Kyle opens the door instead of who she was expecting, she realizes that she’s safe for the first time in years. She’s far from healed, though, and her past isn’t going to leave her alone. She has to figure out a way to build a new life while coming to terms with the old one.

Each of them is broken in their own way and they lean on one another as they try to put the pieces back together. Along the way, they’ll learn more about each other and discover things they didn’t know about themselves. They’ll have to decide if what they’ve built is real and if it's enough to overcome the scars that plague them both.

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Book Six

The New Hope Fire Department

Playing with Fire

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Book One


Megan Gold isn't in any hurry to find love. She's happy with her life. She has a job she loves, a sister who is her best friend, and a dog who is great to cuddle with. So when her sister drags her to a speed dating event, she's less than enthusiastic.

Simon Owens is focused on his career. Becoming the Lieutenant in his company at the New Hope Fire Department is his goal. He spends his days with his work family and his nights helping his brother with his two little children.

A chance meeting between Megan and Simon leaves them both wishing they'd said more but fate puts them back in the same room just months later. Only this time, Megan is the new girl Simon's brother has been seeing.

The two of them attempt to ignore the connection that they have but it's easier said than done. They will have to decide if what they could possibly have is worth potentially hurting those around them. They'll battle with jealousy, trust, and everything in between.

And even when they think they have their happy ending, will it all go up in flames?

Reduced to Ashes

Book Three

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Anyone who meets her will say that Victoria Jones has a chip on her shoulder. And they'd be right. The tough-as-nails firefighter doesn't take any crap from anyone and keeps herself locked away from even those she's closest to. Plagued by what happened years before when she trusted all too easy, she refuses to make that mistake again.

Evan Coleman has dedicated his life to doing good in the world. The narcotics detective has a lot of regrets from things he's seen and parts he's played in the past, but he's determined to do right moving forward. He puts those he loves first and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

When Tori and Evan come face-to-face after seven years, all she feels is animosity while he's filled with guilt. She wants nothing to do with the detective while he's determined to prove to the firefighter that he's not the man she once thought he was.

Letting Evan in means allowing the walls Tori built to come down. Teaching her to trust again becomes a task he wants to take on. Between house fires, soccer games, drug investigations, and meddling friends, the two of them have to decide if they even stand a chance.

Does playing with fire mean that you're bound to get burned?


Up in Flames

Book Two

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Kelly Gold has always been an optimistic person when it came to romance. Having the perfect family, she grew up watching her parents show her and her sister exactly how a marriage should be. It would only make sense that she’d want that for herself. Instead of finding her prince, however, she finds several frogs and each seems slimier than the last.

Nick Christos doesn’t do relationships. While people assume that his lack of commitment is because he enjoys playing the field, his reason is anything but. Falling in love with someone can’t be on his agenda, no matter how much he wants it to be.

A year after meeting each other, Kelly and Nick’s friendship is cemented and both would do anything for the other. When one night changes absolutely everything, Nick asks Kelly for a favor that could unlock the door to his future. This one favor has the potential to blow up in their faces when they are both forced to face the deeper feelings they may have for one another.

In the midst of it all, they’ll encounter hurdles that threaten everything they’ve built. Coming to terms with their feelings, learning how to trust one another, and deciding just exactly what they want in the future is much easier said than done.

When it feels like everything is burning around them, will they be reduced to ashes?


Sacramento Ravage


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Want more hockey? Get ready to meet a brand new team, the Sacramento Ravage, and their new goalie, Axe.

Theo "Axe" Axelsson was at the top of his game. He was promoted to starting goaltender, helped his team bring home the Stanley Cup, and even won the Vezina trophy.
And what did that get him? A move to Sacramento to join the NHL’s newest hockey team, the Ravage.
Now he has to find his groove with a brand new group of guys and is biding his time until he can be traded back to New York where he belongs. The new neighbor across the hall has the ability to mess up his plans, though. He can stop the pucks on the ice but he can’t seem to shutout Parker.

Parker Ward’s new job is almost everything she’s ever wanted. Being a top reporter for a professional sports team is her dream and when she’s given the opportunity to join the newest hockey team, she takes it. Sure, she knows nothing about hockey and would rather be covering a football team, but this job is something she can’t pass up.
The surly neighbor across the hall wasn’t something she was anticipating, though. She can read people easily but she has a hard time figuring out Theo.

Theo is closed off and assumes the worst about people. Parker is outgoing and sees the good is most things. Theo isn’t planning on staying in Sacramento and Parker isn’t sure where she’s going to end up.

Knowing that isn’t enough to stop the two from being drawn to each other, but is it enough to keep either of them from getting hurt when the season is all over?

Watch as these two opposites collide in a flurry of hockey pucks and Princess Bride quotes– all while trying desperately not to fall in love.

Book One

Defend the  Zone

Defend the Zone Placeholder.png

Archer and Olivia's story.

Coming Soon!

Book Two

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New York Titans

Two For Holding

Two For Holding_ebook.jpg

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I didn’t think I was missing anything. I had my son, a great career, and a home that I’d made for both of us. One puck over the glass at a hockey game made me realize I wanted more. The larger-than-life hockey player inserted himself into our world and I never wanted to let him go. 

The thing is, I don’t know if I’m strong enough to keep him.

My home was on the ice, with a stick in my hand and a puck on my tape. It took one little boy with a toothless smile and his spitfire mother to change all that. I wanted them to be my home and I was willing to take all the penalties necessary to make it happen.

Now I just have to convince her that we can handle it all together.

Melding three lives into one isn’t as easy as it seems, especially with the traveling, the media, and the insecurities. Savannah and Porter have to decide whether to use the breakaway to head to the goal or take a seat on the bench.

After all, 425 Madison is the perfect place to fall in love!

Book One

Game Winning Goal

Game Winning Goal_ebook.jpg


Life was good. I had a great job, amazing people surrounding me, season tickets to see my favorite hockey team play, and a cat that I could cuddle. Although it didn’t seem glamorous, I was happy. But when the shy, handsome, and somewhat awkward hockey player slid into my life, I realized that I could be happier. I wanted to be more than just content with life.


I knew I wanted to be a hockey player from the moment I put on my first pair of skates. I played hard for the Titans, proving that I belonged on the top line. But just when I finally made it, an injury took me out of the game. While feeling sorry for myself and waiting to heal, I met the bubbly, beautiful, and smart pediatrician who brought me to my knees. She made me see that there was more to life than scoring goals.

A love of the game helps bring these two together and onto a path towards a different kind of love. Cheyenne and Kamden’s road isn’t as smooth as ice, though. What happens when Kam’s recovery isn’t easy and his position on the team is threatened? Cheyenne has to figure out how to break down his defense and Kam has to realize that he might not always be the one to score the game-winning goal.

After all, 425 Madison is the perfect place to fall in love!

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Book Two

Other Titles

Summer by the Lake

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Shaylee Butler spent her childhood summers at Camp Holcomb, making friends, singing bad karaoke, and raising hell. Now as an adult, she’s back for the first time in years but this time to be a counselor instead of a trouble maker.

In between camp activities that run them ragged, cabin pranks that cause hysteria, and way more teenage angst than Shaylee can handle, she finds herself drawn to another counselor.

The second she meets Drew Moore, Shaylee knows that he’s a cocky, obnoxious bastard. They start the summer as rivals but soon learn that the line between love and hate is a thin one. The person who drove her the craziest is also the one who can make her laugh the hardest.

What happens when the summer is over and it’s time to leave the lake behind, though? Is it just a fling? Are Drew and Shaylee strong enough to overcome the secrets that don’t stay hidden at Camp Holcomb?

Flag on the Play

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Flag on the Play ebook UPLOAD.jpeg

Carson Ward’s life might seem glamorous but he’s a simple guy. He loves football, his family, and spending time with his friends. His biggest flaw might just be the fact that he has a secret crush on his best friend’s little sister and has for years.

Abby Lauder is a free spirit and loves seeing life through the lens of her camera. As the photographer for a professional football team, she’s used to being just one of the guys. Whether she’s taking pictures of nature or pictures of football players, she never fails to catch the perfect image. So what if her camera lingers on her brother’s best friend a bit longer than others?

When Carson's ex-girlfriend drops a newborn baby off on his doorstep, he’s caught completely unaware. He never dreamed that he would go from star quarterback to a single dad in an instant. Luckily, he has help from those around him- including Abby. But, taking care of a newborn baby isn’t easy and it’ll require the quarterback and the photographer to spend even more time together.

Amidst the diaper changes and late night feedings, hiding their feelings from each other will be harder than they think. Besides, their relationship is taboo in far too many ways for things to really go anywhere between them…right?

Or maybe Carson and Abby will realize that sometimes love is worth the risk.

Finding a Hart

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Stephanie Gibson is a nurturer. Growing up the oldest of four basically ingrained that into her personality early on. She’ll do anything she can for anyone whether it’s in her personal life or her career. So when she finds the most precious item in a pile of garbage one winter night, it doesn’t surprise anyone that she jumps in to help. 

Jared Hart has worked hard to get to where he is in his career, with great sacrifice to his own personal life. The idea of having a family is something he has pushed to the back of his mind. So when the news comes that his life has changed in the blink of an eye, he’s glad to find support in the form of a gorgeous social worker. 

Two lives instantly changed one cold evening. Stephanie and Jared will try to figure out how to balance friendship, diaper changes, professionalism, late-night feedings, exes, and attraction without letting their carefully constructed house of cards come tumbling to the ground. 

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